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Lean Six Sigma

A company culture with specific tools and principles focused on increasing speed of delivery, improving quality, reducing costs, and eliminating waste.

Theory of Constraints

The methodology of identifying the main constraint of a process and then systematically improving it to maximize profit.


An innovative project management system founded on lean principles that improves team efficiency, collaboration, and overall effectiveness.

Lean Coach Helps Organizations Achieve Outstanding Results

Lean Coach will develop a customized Yellow, Green, and Black Belt training and certification program for your organization. All training material and certificates will include your company’s name and logo.  Save the high costs of sending your team to a remote program, and allow Lean Coach to work with you on-site and utilize your processes for validation. On average, each Black Belt saves over $275k annually through improvement initiatives beyond their routine duties and responsibilities. See our pricing page for more details.
Receive ongoing Lean Six Sigma support to mentor Continuous Improvement Activities, Kaizen Events, Value Stream Mapping, Change Management, Problem Solving, Standardized Work, Rate Optimization, Project Validation, Team Building, and Professional Development.  This service can be customized to meet your needs or combined with our Lean Six Sigma certification program.
Lean Coach specializes in solving complex problems in manufacturing, distribution, retail, logistics, e-commerce, software development, sales, and healthcare. Allow a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt to add superior economic performance to your organization by increasing speed of delivery, improving quality, reducing costs, and eliminating waste.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who do we help?
Have you ever wanted to take your business to the next level, but bottlenecks and other challenges slow you down?  Do you need to learn how to improve your problem-solving capabilities, or perhaps just need to retain someone to get over a specific hurdle?  That’s where Lean Coach comes in.

Our services are ideal for any organization that wants to reduce cost while adding value to their customers. We specialize in small- and mid-sized companies but have worked with businesses as large as Amazon. No matter the industry, we can help improve your bottom line.

How does our coaching work?

We begin with a free on-site consultation where we evaluate the current state of your business. Depending on your needs, we may recommend training, coaching, or consulting services. Services will include a combination of on-site and virtual support.

What if you are not satisfied with our results?

We provide a money-back guarantee. During our on-site consultation, we evaluate the current state of your business and determine if our services will have a significant impact. If we can’t provide you with a 100% return on your investment, we do not accept the job.

How can you join Lean Coach?

Join the Lean Coach team through our affiliate program and help us share lean thinking across the globe. Enjoy the accomplishment of helping companies improve profit by combining our system and tools with your lean expertise. Manage yourself as you pursue coaching full or part time. Contact Careers@LeanCoach.com for more information.

I had the privilege of attending Robert’s Lean Six Sigma Yellow and Green belt classes. Robert was an exceptional teacher and mentor in the program and built a comfortable learning environment for all of his students encouraging participation and discussion. Using the training and knowledge I received from Robert I have been able to account for roughly $2.9 million in validated annual savings with my company. This has helped me propel my career forward and given me the confidence to attack waste in my work environment and create lean processes.

Jordan P.

Operations Manager, Amazon

Robert is a patient, creative, practical leader and teacher of Lean Manufacturing. He is able to accomplish large, detailed, complicated process improvement in fast-paced, technical environments. He is strongly capable of teaching others to do the same. Ted H.

Operations Manager, Amazon

Robert’s clear passion for continuous improvement is infectious and motivating. This training literally changed the trajectory of my career. Armed with the tools that Robert taught me in an easy-to-understand way, I completed a successful Kaizen with my training group which resulted in significant and validated savings for our company. After passing my exam, I became my organization’s Regional Kaizen Promotion officer before joining the Amazon Customer Service team as a true KPO. Robert’s patience and understanding of the material and how to reach students where they are was invaluable in helping our entire class succeed. Robert is an inspiring leader and I’d relish the opportunity to work with him again! Thanks Robert for the guidance! Erica M.

ACES Kaizen Promotion Officer, Amazon


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