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Veterans and Military personnel, one of the best things you can do for your career is to become certified in Lean Six Sigma.  With the use of the GI Bill, it may not cost you a dime!

This world is in dire need of leaders who can solve complex problems.

The military has trained you to plan, prepare, execute, and assess.  Combine this with the Lean Six Sigma (LSS) problem solving system and you will be one of the greatest assets in your organization.

I was introduced to LSS while working in a staff position before separating from the Army. I saw its value as I began incorporating its principles into my projects. I gained more exposure while pursuing my MBA and have since advanced to the level of Master Black Belt.

By utilizing LSS to continuously improve the processes in your organization, you will deliver impressive results in addition to your normal duties.

Below is a few of the projects I have worked on during my corporate career:

► Improved productivity by 136% in a Weld Cell and saved the company $350k annually by creating stability through standardized work.

► Co-led a Kaizen event that saved Amazon $515k annually by designing a more efficient and innovative process.

► Led a Black Belt project that reduced the number of defects by 73% and saved $271k annually through visual management, targeted training, and an optimization tool.

► Designed and implemented a Quality School that reduced defects by 63%, increased productivity by 9%, and saved $4M annually.

One of the best parts about a LSS certification is that the GI Bill can cover 100% of the costs.

How do you select a program?

Purdue University has one of the best programs in the country and they offer an online certification for those who cannot attend in person.  I received my Black Belt there, and the GI Bill covered 100% of the cost.

I received my Master Black Belt certification from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and they have world class instructors.  They also accepted the GI Bill, which covered 100% of the cost.

Other programs with great reputations include the University of Utah, University of Michigan, and California State University of Irvine.

Please note that none of these schools requested this endorsement and I am in no way benefiting from mentioning them in my post.

If you are still in the military, utilizing LSS analytical and problem solve tools will make you a more effective leader.

If you are preparing to transition into the corporate world, this training and certification will give you immediate credibility and understanding of the industry.

If you have already transitioned, LSS will expand your ability to solve problems.

Allow Lean Six Sigma to propel your career as you transition from the battlefield to the business world.

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